Today, we are still practicing talking about people's actions and going places. You may use your notes!

First, please set up a an account at conjuguemos. Once you set up an account , DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE ON THE SITE!

Go back to this wikipage and go to the links below. (I need you all to create an account so that I can assign you to a "class" on that website before you can participate in the activities).

When I announce to the class to go back on to the site, please click on the link above and sign in again.

Below are the links that you went to last time in the computer lab. Give them a try again!

Flashcards and Concentration



This link is my "profile" where each game can be accessed.

Mrs. Goggin's profile page on Quia

Now, go to the REALIDADES textbook site and practice there as well.

vocabulary practice: Chapter 4A

More vocabualry practice

crossword puzzle

Word Jumble

Jigsaw planet time! What in the world is it??

OK, one more puzzle! Where in the world is this??

‍Practice AR verb conjugations in the SINGULAR

‍Practice AR verb conjugations in the PLURAL

‍Practice ALL forms of AR verb conjugations