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Below you will find LOADS of information and activities that have to do with the Spanish lanuguage and culture.

Go to as many of the following links that you can during class period. Familiarize yourself with this wikispace, because you will be asked to go here often; soemtimes for homework too!:

There are lots of activities to do on this page below:

Unit 1 Greetings Numbers and other Conversation phrases

Go to this link to practice the Central American Countries -Play Hangman!

QUIA website - Hangman game for Countries

Fun stuff: Here's a picture of a Bull gone wild! Solve the jigsaw puzzle to see the picture:


Take a quick quiz at the following link:


Go to the Useful phrases wiki link and check out some new phrases

Go to this link: create a postcard and send me a Dia de Los Muertos postcard! First you must highlight and copy my e-mail address lgoggin@plymouth.k12.ma.us and then you can paste it in the "recipient email address" box on the website.

Here's a fun place to create a weird Picasso-like drawing. mrpicassohead Watch out! This activity can be addictive!! Check out my creations: in the "search" box type in "lindisima" in the artist section. Do you like my shark??