La Comida: Food. ‍You have TWO responsibilities: ‍First: Do research on the typical food of Spanish –speaking countries. ‍Go to the link on the left called, "Central an south american food webquest links". Also, go to any link on the left that is named a country. All of these wikispages have links to sites that show the different foods of Spanish- speaking countries. See how much you can discover!‍Use the paper handout to record your findings Here are some of the things you are looking for!! See if you can find out what each of these are.1. Gallo pinto or gallo pico _2. empanada _3. curanto _4. cuy _5. ceviche _6. moros y cristianos _7. lechon _8. hormigas asadas _9. locro _10. tostones _11. Arepa _12. paella _13. Horchata _14. Hallacas 15. Buñuelos 16. Flan 17. Pastel de tres leches 18. Masa _19. Cafecito _20. Casado __‍Second: visit the internet game sites and play games and use flashcards to practice vocabulary.Try to get to as many sights as possible - so that you can practice in different ways. ‍FIRST: Internet research on typical foods found in Spain, Central America, South America, and Mexico.Go to the following links to complete the webquest/guided reasearch wroksheet: