Guatemala:Things you should definitely have in your Menu!

The Ki’che culture is the indigenous group of Guatelmala.They are the decendants of the mayan culture and their traditions and recipes have influenced the cuisine of Guatemala.

Kak’ik.A thick turkey stew with achiote, garlic, cilantros and other spices.This is a traditional meal of the Ki’ che.

Frijoles:usually frijoles negros (black bean) are in just about every meal.Guatemalans will make a past of black beans (like “refried beans”), or they will cook them with garlic and olive oil, OR, they will just eat them plain.

Hilachas is a dish made of shredded beef in a thick tomato sauce. The sauce generally included potatoes and carrots and in served with rice. Depending on the amount and variety of peppers put into the sauce, this dish can get spicy, although Guatemalans tend to prefer it mild.
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Pupusas.These are like mini fat tacos.They are very common in most Central American countries.The shell is like an arepa (a fat tortilla made of masa –corn meal.), an dthe filling can be anything from ground beef to fuits to veggies.
This is similiar to Spain’s tortilla española, or a french quiche or our omlette. In Guatemala they use yucca root, whichis like a potato or a parsnip.
Chiles Rellenos.Stuffed chile peppers.Usually stuffed with veggies, but can also contain beef or chicken.
Espumillas.“Little sponges”.These are basically a meringue cookie.
Jocotes en miel.mombins in syrup.Miel literally means honey, but in this case it means syrup.You boil the fruit until it becomes a syrup.This procedure is done for many fruits because it preserves them, and sweetens them to serve as a dessert.Mombins are like a type of golden colored grape.
Tamales.This is a mixture of meat and vegetables wrapped inside a dough called masa, which is then wrapped inside a banana leaf and steamed for over an hour.This can be an appetizer or a meal in itself.In Guatemala, they typically use pork, but depending on the region, you might also find tamales with ground beef or chicken.
This dish gets its name from the mayan pumpkin seed – the pepia.It also has rice, raisins, and some chilie spices.It is a typical Traditional mayan dish.
Pulique.This is a beef dish also known as “carne asada”-Roasted beef.It is seasoned with spices and herbs from the region and baked in the oven and topped with a tomato and herb sauce.
Champurrado.A coffee and chocolate blended drink
Pastel de tres leches.Three milks cake.This is THE dessert of many Latin American countries.It is made for holidays and festivals such as Christmas and la quinciñera.