5. Go to This GLOGSTER Poster about Will Smith and J-Lo. First, notice how the multi-media poster is designed: you can put in text, or a an audio file, and even videos! Read the bios about Will and Jennifer. Click on the arrow to listen to the bios. You can't view the videos- we will do that in class. What do the bios say? Write 2-3 sentences IN ENGLISH about how these two celebrities were described.

6. Now, go to the GLOGSTER site and log in using my email address and the "spanish" password. Create your own Glog about your self. Save it in the appropriate section the sections are catagorized by period then by boys and girls. Save you Glog with your FULL NAME as the title of your Glog - that way I can look at it and grade it. When it is complete call me over to your computer so that I may view it.