This is the Dia de los Muertos Page. Whenever you want to return to the home page of Mrs. Goggin's wiki, simply click on the first link at the left "home". While you are checking out these websights and videos, see if you can find out why Hispanics celebrate "The Day of Dead" , What the purpose of an "ofrenda" is, what the different articles on the ofrendas represent , and who is celebrated on November 1st and November 2nd.

San Miguel site with lots of info on the Day of the Dead

Here's a sight with great pictures and lots of info on the day:

Go to this link: create a postcard and send me a Dia de Los Muertos postcard! First you must highlight and copy my e-mail address and then you can paste it in the "recipient email address" box on the website.

More information on El Dia de los Muertos: Live Mocha: Day of the Dead

Music video with footage of Aztec dance

Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 2009 from Dan Barrio on Vimeo.

footage of an ofrenda

This next video is short, but shows great visuals along with the key elemnts of an ofrenda:

This video shows an ofrenda and all of its details:

¡C h u m b a l a c a !