Alguna musica espanola para ti! (Some spanish Christmas music for you!)Feliz NavidadMarimorena

Are you ready for more of "Mi Vida Loca"??? This is a series of interactive videos that will help you learn and practice common spanish phrases and conversation. Once you have done one segment go on to the next!

Go to the Textbook website to practice ordinals and some verbs:


When you open this page click on the link that says "En la clase con letra". You will hear a mini rap song that teches you ALL of the endings for conjugation. canciones de hip hop

Practice verbs with these QUIA games: If you already did all of these PLEASE don't do them again unless you REALLY think that the practice will help you! (Thanks!)

This is my profile page for the QUIA website:

Solve the jigsaw puzzle to show a picture of flamenco: A famous traditiona Spanish dance:

jigsaw bailar y tocar