Bienvenidos a Español 1

Actividades para martes, 8 de abril:

* Drag 'N match animals: 123 Teach Me!

* Drag 'n Match el cuerpo

* practice animals on QUIZLET

Now, go to Storybird and create a student account click on "join class" and use this code: AB6FB. Create a story using the story tools. You may write a continuation of the Alfonso (the monkey) story or create an original story of your own.

Vocabualry practice:



schedule/class vocabulary - word jumble

QUIZLET: verbs - yo y tu

conjuguemos: fill in the blank

QUIZ: Battleship game

QUIA: hangman game

1. Go to Jigsaw Planet and solve the puzzle! Once you have solved the puzzle translate the dialogue to English on to your paper.

2. Here's a fun place to create a weird Picasso-like drawing. mrpicassohead Watch out! This activity can be addictive!! Check out my masterpieces: my artist name is lindisima. After you create a picasso-head copy and paste link to your masterpiece on your page on students wiki, so I can check out YOUR artwork!

5. Fun stuff: Here's a picture of a Bull gone wild! Solve the jigsaw puzzle to see the picture:

On the left you will find LOADS of information and activities that have to do with the Spanish language and culture. Check out as many as you can!